Sunday, May 29, 2011

Five Little Rubber Duckies Birthday Party

We started off making ducky visors.

This game combined a couple of ideas, waddling (or shuffling) with the duck feet while trying to step on the "lily pads" (I know they are philodendron leaves, but they have come in handy since making them for a safari party) to bring back an egg without using your hands. Everyone found gummi worms in the eggs at the finish line.

Lauren once again acted as birthday artist and saved the day by creating a duck bean bag toss game.

We played a funny version of Duck, Duck, Goose, not everyone completely understood the rules. They loved fishing ducks out of the pond (rubbermaid box) with a net to choose a prize. The water and duckies kept them occupied even when prizes were no longer involved. I tried to start Pass the Duck (like Hot Potato) but when they realized people got "out", they lost interest.

Our snacks included duck beaks (Pringles), duck legs (Cheetos), and duck food (snack mix with gold fish crackers mixed in).

Of course we had to float duckies in the punch!

These ice cream ducks would have been much easier with different sized scoops! I ended up shaping these by hand and rinsing my hands after each section. Brrr...

This whole idea started from these adorable little birthday ducks that a friend gave to us. The bathtub cake is not my best work, but thankfully the birthday girl thought it was great!

This momma duck was sure glad we planned the party on one of the few dry days amid weeks of rain.

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