Sunday, June 5, 2011

Do I Look Like a Grizzly to You?

Some of you have already heard my news, if so, you don't have to read any further. I've been waiting to create this post for a week now, hoping to sign some official documents to shed a little reality on this dream, but I'm going to make it public anyway . . . I HAVE BEEN HIRED AS AN INTERN TO TEACH AT PAYSON JR. HIGH, home of the Grizzlies!

The last requirement to finish my degree is to student teach or accept an internship. Student teaching is two months at a junior high and two months at a high school with a gradual transition of responsibility. An internship is a first year teaching contract for half-salary with complete responsibility the first day of school. The number of internships varies due to staffing needs in the local districts. Last year there were only two. Everyone plans to student teach, then if you are interested and an internship opens up, you interview with the principal. I interviewed for three before the semester ended and didn't get hired. I felt like a failure. I let my adviser know that I was still interested if another opportunity came up, but accepted that student teaching was the route I would take. Then my adviser called, I interviewed, and the principal offered me the job!

Even though I haven't received the "new hire" packet from the district yet, I will get to see "my" classroom, meet with the other Family and Consumer Science teacher who teaches the foods classes and the teacher I am replacing who taught the sewing/clothing classes. These two share responsibility for teaching a seventh grade required class called Career and Technical Education, or CTE. CTE introduces students to career options and technical skills in the Family and Consumer Sciences as they rotate through units in Foods and Nutrition, Child Development, Sewing and Careers during one term. (The other term covers Business/Technology units taught by other teachers.)

Everything about returning to college and starting a teaching career has required faith. Here is another step into the unknown, trusting this is the path intended for me.

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