Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Glad Game

We really like the old Disney movie Pollyanna. This little orphan girl looks for the good in people and difficult situations. Like everyone, we have challenges, but try to look for the positive. Here are some of the good things that have happened to us this year. . .

Good News 1 - Preschool. In September of last year, I submitted an application for Della to go to preschool. In December I got a call saying there was an opening. It has been a great transition as she gets ready for kindergarten.

Good News 2 - Wow, another semester over. It was intense and worth it. I spent half my time in the David O. McKay Building and the other half in the Joseph F. Smith Building (above.) Completed in 2005, the Joseph F. Smith Building replaced the Smith Family Living Center. Thanks to the support of my husband, I earned my best grades ever. All I have now is student teaching in the fall. I applied for December 2011 graduation, but was disappointed to learn December graduates are "invited" to participate in the ceremonies in April 2012. I've already waited this long, I guess I can hold out an extra four months.

Good News 3 - Roofio's wavy tresses have made her famous. She was quoted and photographed in the Daily Universe for donating hair to Locks of Love.

Good News 4 - Scholarships! Generosity is amazing. We were all jumping up and down when we were notified of our awards.

Good News 5- Mission call/Temple. Melinda submitted her papers to become a missionary and received a call to serve in the Farmington, New Mexico mission. She went to the temple this week. We appreciated the love expressed by our relatives who joined us. She reports to the MTC in July.

Good News 6 - Kindergarten. I was driving to the university one day and saw a marquis at an elementary school. It stated kindergarten registration was that day and the next. I determined to find a computer and look up the school Della would attend. They too were holding registration the same two days. Daddy and Della hot-footed it over there and got her all signed up.

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  1. I miss my friends. Thanks for posting. You have had a great year and it's only May!