Sunday, March 30, 2014

Calling All Superheros!

Sixteen is one of those birthdays you emphasize. My self-proclaimed "geeky" daughter wanted to have a party and decided on a Superhero theme with capes optional. I found an invitation I liked online, but didn't think I had the time, talent, or tools to re-create it. A few clicks later, I amazed myself by creating this invitation in PowerPoint:

Our decorations and game prizes came from the local Dollar Tree store.

Our games included Superhero charades, Super-Villian vs. Superhero Sock Stealing, a Punch Board and a crepe paper maze in the basement.

 The ideas for the food table were also found online.

The birthday girl didn't want fondant, so we dressed up the yellow butter-cream frosting with blue gummy stars I separated out of a multicolor bulk bin.

Super Sixteen was a smashing success!

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