Monday, June 11, 2012

I Got a Job (Make That Two!)

Well, I enjoyed my year at Payson Jr. and was hoping to stay, but a funding cut prevented that. I was disappointed because I had a calm feeling that everything would work out. In my mind that meant staying where I was. I applied for jobs from Lehi to Spanish Fork. I felt like it was a little late in the game to be looking for a position and decided I had more contacts and people to network with in my current district, so I decided to accept a part-time job teaching Food and Nutrition at Spanish Fork Jr. High. I had heard there was another part-time position that would become available in Spanish Fork at the alternative high school (teaching Food and Nutrition, as well as Adult Roles) and pursued getting hired to fill it. Thankfully, my plan worked out and my two part-time positions give me full-time benefits! It will be challenging to teach all new classes, but I can handle it. In the end, everything has worked out. Move over Grizzlys, hello Dragons and Lobos. I guess that makes me a Dragobo or a Logon.

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