Friday, October 15, 2010


Eek! I'm half way through the semester.
I originally hoped to post a blog about every two weeks, but as you may have noticed, that hasn't happened. In my mind I thought I would create a big summary of everything that happened in those two weeks plus photos. My realization today as I sat in Statistics is I should just squeeze in little posts.
So here is my thought today about taking Statistics. I generally follow the theory well enough, it is the application of formulas to word problems that gets a little hairy. Now that I am more aware of the study of statistics, I recognize it everywhere. It seems like the class is moving so fast, could we just slow the pace down a little, please? For heaven's sake, my second exam is next week!
For fun I will share the essay prompt from my History of Creativity class (which fills a Civilizations requirement): "Imagine a society/nation exists that has placed its emphasis on creativity rather than on territorial control and expansion. Write a 1-2 page foundational epic/myth for this society. What factors or event in the mythical origins of this society would lead to and encourage such a strong focus on creativity? Be sure to include these shaping factors in your story." I know you wish you were in my shoes!
Recently a friend asked how my classes were going. My response: I have not fallen asleep yet although I have been sleepy, and I have watched students next to me fall asleep. I like my classes and find them quite invigorating if not a tad overwhelming.
Well, time to get back to studying.

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