Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Days...

By degrees we are getting into school routines.

Emma has some bus stop buddies.

Lauren moved into her dorm.

Melinda is back from her roadtrip after taking classes and working this summer.

I bought my books, a planner and a reusable water bottle. Who knows how any of us survived our young adult college years sharing public water fountains? I went to an orientation for "Non-Traditional" older students. Out of 30,000 students on BYU's Provo campus, about 460 are returning"experienced learners". Jeffery enjoyed a good laugh at some of these suggestions:
*Get a rolling backpack
*Get a locker
*Sit up front (to see and hear better)
*Talk to each professor. Break the ice so they aren't intimidated by you.
*Review notes right after class. (Don't wait until bedtime, you will have forgotten!)
*Create a "mobile office" in a pencil pouch or box
*Schedule class time, study time & family time
*Meet for NTS (Non-Traditional Student) Brown Bag Lunches (IE support group)
Much has changed in the twenty-one years we have been away. New building have sprouted where familiar ones used to be, parking for faculty has increased and student parking is shrinking, university business is conducted electronically. For one class, instead of purchasing a textbook, I purchased a code to a website. I also am required to have an I-clicker, a wireless electronic multiple choice device so professors can poll or quiz large auditoriums of students effortlessly. I'm not so old as to be intimidated by the technology, but it is embarrassing to ask your kids to explain things to you.
Despite my jitters, I am excited and feel like this is the right thing to do. Here goes, classes start Monday!


  1. An I clicker??? I am feeling old too.

  2. So funny. I love the list of things for non trad learners! (Would you like me to call you and remind you to go to class? You may forget!)Cute picture of Emma, hope she loves her school. You're all going to do great with your firsts.