Monday, July 5, 2010

We Survived Our Move!

Life is planning and then adapting to the surprises that come your way.
Moving was no different. We left Wednesday as planned before the sun came up and within five minutes, the moving truck was dead. Four hours and a coolant repair later, we finally left San Diego. We dragged into Provo around midnight. In the headlights we spotted a pair of pink flamingos in the flower bed! Melinda perpetuated the family joke of fluorescent pink plastic lawn ornaments that began with our move to New Jersey twenty-one years ago.

Early Thursday, strapping young men arrived thanks to the persuasive powers of Melinda and her roommates. They had our truck and trailer unloaded in about an hour. My parents and brother were also on-hand to help us unload and set up beds. My sisters were busy with their young families but found a way to help us by providing lunch and dinner. Our first out-of-town visitors, the Orme's, arrived mid-morning and graciously helped us unload the things we had stored in Jeffery's sister's basement on previous trips. (Three of the four Orme's spent the better part of Tuesday helping us load the truck in CA. Little did they expect to be put to work on their vacation!) Thanks to prayer and Steve and Jeffery's packing skills, all our worldly possessions miraculously fit into a 27 foot truck. Now the challenge of finding places to put it all.

Independence Day.
Our former neighborhood has always had a kid's bike parade and water balloon fight. We were sad to miss it this year. Then we learned our new area was having a bike parade, pot-luck dinner, bounce house, dunking tank, water games and fireworks Friday night. Della said it was the best party ever. Saturday evening we visited the street fair downtown, then watched the stadium fireworks (from a distance) out our back door. This morning we watched Provo's Grand Parade and were pleasantly surprised by the kindness of the strangers around us. First someone gave us a great parking place they had reserved then didn't need. Next some parade viewers let us sit on their blanket and extra chairs. Then when the vendor was sold out of water bottles, these generous folks gave us one of theirs. We rounded out the day by making strawberry sherbet out of a big bowlful of our own sweet berries.


  1. congrats on making the move--I remember when we moved from Los Angeles to this house, it took around 3 days..your new home looks awesome.

    when you have some time(HA) take pictures of the inside..i am sure everyone would like to see them.

    take care


  2. Your new home is beautiful! (Yes, I would also love to see pics of the inside!) So glad to see that you made it there safely and that things are going so well for you and your family!!

    PS I am doing wedding flowers with Robin and it is just not the same without you...we miss you!!

  3. You all look so happy on your gorgeous lawn in front of your beautiful home! I'm so glad the locals are being nice to you ... We love you!

  4. Jane, love the bunting! You are a happy family. So glad you are settling in enough to talk about it. Hee hee. (P.S. this is Karen).

  5. Jane, I'm glad you've got a blog to keep us updated now that you are not here. I loved the pictures. Your house looks lovely!

  6. You Are Blogging!!! YEA!! Oh how I miss you